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Television Commercials

This collection of television commercials was developed as part of the various demand creation campaigns implemented by the ACQUIRE Project to increase knowledge of, access to and use of family planning, and long-acting and permanent methods of family planning in particular.

“Pregnancy Planning – Choose the Right Time!”
In September 2007 in Azerbaijan, the ACQUIRE Project launched the National Pomegranate Media Campaign. Using the slogan "Pregnancy Planning -- Choose the Right Time!", the nationally televised ads were accompanied by billboard advertising and sponsorship of health festivals. The Campaign worked with the Ministry of Health and local communities to educate the public that modern contraceptives are the safest and most effective way to plan healthy families.

The pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity in Azerbaijan. In collaboration with two international pharmaceutical companies, Bayer Schering Pharma and Gedeon Richter Ltd., the pomegranate logo appears as a seal of quality on legally registered contraceptive products that are available for sale in pharmacies throughout Azerbaijan.  In 2008, colorful posters featuring characters from the campaign’s TV ads appeared in Baku's 10 busiest metro stations and were estimated to have reached approximately 500,000 commuters daily.

View the ads via YouTube:  
Ad1 - Couples space, limit, and delay.
Ad2- "We choose when to get pregnant..."
Ad3 - "Now we know...modern contraceptives are safe..."
Ad4 - "Everyone has an individual choice..."

"Why Is This Man Smiling?  Vasectomy: Give Yourself a Permanent Smile"

In 2003, the ACQUIRE project launched a television campaign in Ghana to provide correct information on no scalpel vasectomy (NSV) and to educate both men and women on its benefits. The commercials sought to create a positive image for NSV, and to encourage acceptance of NSV by using a "testimonial approach" featuring satisfied users. Two different commercials were produced and aired. Both commercials shared the same communications objective and featured the campaign theme line of...."Why is this man smiling? Vasectomy: Give yourself a permanent smile".

But the two ads differed in the creative imagery.  View the ads via YouTube:

1. "Ghana Local" Commercial: This TV spot was created by Lintas, the project's Ghanaian advertising agency. It was filmed in Ghana and featured a popular local colloquial phrase meaning....."you're the man!" This commercial created high levels of awareness among the target audience.

2.  "International" Commercial: This TV spot was developed by ACQUIRE partner Meridian Group International, Inc. Meridian used a New-York based advertising agency, Greene Ink, to create and produce the ad. The purpose of the commercial was to emphasize the "international acceptance" of NSV, by showing men of all types and all races (African, Asian, Latin, Caucasian) who were satisfied NSV clients.. The spot mentioned that "over 42 million men worldwide are current users of vasectomy. This commercial, which featured a Ghanaian announcer, was widely praised and seen as presenting the men of Ghana on an international level.