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The ACQUIRE Program Model
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The ACQUIRE Program Model

The goal of the ACQUIRE Project was to increase the use of reproductive health (RH) and family planning (FP) services, with a focus on facility-based services and clinical contraception, particularly long-acting and permanent methods of contraception (LAPMs). Over a five-year period, ACQUIRE applied lessons learned from accumulated field experience to create a program model emphasizing the importance of, and potential synergy among, supply, demand, and advocacy. This Program Model for FP/RH Service Delivery reflects a holistic understanding of the components and dynamics of the health systems that provide RH/FP services. The ACQUIRE Program Model applies to RH/FP services in general, as well as specifically to clinical FP services, ACQUIRE’s primary programmatic area.

ACQUIRE’s Program Model highlights the need to view the supply, demand, and advocacy components as part of a dynamic system in which each piece influences and reinforces the other, and in which all need to be coordinated and be functioning effectively. ACQUIRE applied this program model, in whole or in part, in all project countries as a conceptual framework for planning program interventions to achieve sustained performance improvement. ACQUIRE also developed several practical tools and resources to assist health care decision makers and planners in designing more effective programs. Throughout this digital archive, you will discover resources that have been applied within the construct of ACQUIRE’s Program Model to bring more services to more people in more places. We encourage you to keep these resources in mind as you think of ways to put the model into action in your work setting.

The ACQUIRE Program Model
Available as a PDF: download (520KB)