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Welcome to "A Resource Package for Family Planning and Beyond: The ACQUIRE Project Digital Archive", 2009 Update

The ACQUIRE Project—Access, Quality, and Use in Reproductive Health—was a five-year (2003–2008) global project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Bureau for Global Health/Office of Population and Reproductive Health’s Service Delivery Improvement Division. ACQUIRE’s goal was to increase the use of reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP) services, with a focus on facility-based services and clinical contraception, especially long-acting and permanent methods of contraception (LAPMs). Given the project’s focus on facility-based care, strengthening training and improving the health care infrastructure for  provider-dependent clinical services (including LAPMs, postabortion care, and integrated RH services) were central to ACQUIRE’s mandate.

The ACQUIRE Project was carried out by a partnership led by EngenderHealth (the managing partner) that included three technical partners—CARE, IntraHealth International, Inc., and Meridian Group International, Inc.—along with two field partners, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and the Society for Women and AIDS in Africa (SWAA). This diverse partnership brought complementary competencies together to provide global leadership in how to strengthen and sustain programs for improved RH/FP care and effectively address the RH/FP service delivery needs of health systems, providers, clients, and communities in project-supported countries. Over the course of five years, ACQUIRE worked in more than 22 countries to demonstrate or replicate promising approaches and practices.

This archive constitutes ACQUIRE’s legacy and has been designed as a searchable knowledge resource for the RH/FP community. The different sections of the archive contain a wide range of resources that were developed over the life of the project, at both the global and the country (field) levels. You will find resources ranging from conceptual models, programmatic tools and technical guidance to advocacy briefs, posters, presentations, stories from the field and analytic reports on country experiences to revitalize family planning. This content reflects the experience of programs from all regions and the outcomes of an extended global-field partnership dedicated to delivering more services to more people in more places. Sharing the knowledge and products generated during the life of the ACQUIRE Project is key to fulfilling our mandate to help policy makers, program planners, managers, and health service providers meet the needs of  their communities by introducing, scaling up, and sustaining high-quality RH/FP service programs.

This resource is organized across eight thematic areas (shown in the navigation bar to the left):

In addition, the archive includes three additional content areas:

We invite you to explore the contents of this archive and make use of the many resources contained here to enhance the availability of greatly needed RH/FP services where you work.

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