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The ACQUIRE Program Model
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Research Studies

Part of the ACQUIRE Project‘s mandate to advance and support reproductive health (RH) and family planning (FP) services, especially facility-based services, was to identify and fill gaps in knowledge about service delivery–related issues, including identifying effective practices. Research, both qualitative and quantitative, played a prominent role throughout the project. ACQUIRE staff designed and conducted numerous studies and evaluations to inform program design, to evaluate new approaches, to influence policy, and to measure the impact of the project’s work. The research agenda was driven by program priorities and challenges, which varied across countries.

ACQUIRE global and field staff conducted most studies, sometimes in collaboration with local research organizations. In selected cases, ACQUIRE partnered with sister research organizations, most notably Family Health International and the Population Council (through the Frontiers Project). The ACQUIRE Project contributed significantly to the body of knowledge about the acceptability and use of RH/FP services and what is required for successful, sustained programs.

In this section of the archive, you will find selected studies, including a) evaluation studies that include formative research and needs assessments; b) special studies to investigate, evaluate, and learn from pilot projects, ultimately to replicate or scale them up; and c) collaborative studies with other organizations. The full study reports are included. All study tools are available at