Facilitative Supervision for Quality Improvement: A Curriculum

Facilitative Supervision for Quality Improvement focuses on the fundamentals of quality health care services in presenting an approach to supervision that emphasizes mentoring, joint problem solving, and two-way communication.

The curriculum is meant to be used by trainers who introduce the facilitative approach to supervision to supervisors from different levels of the health system: on-site and off-site supervisors, including medical and nonmedical supervisors.

The training modules can be used separately—for example, for continuing education, or during orientation workshops or meetings to present different issues related to supervision. They can also be adapted as needed, to meet the needs of a particular country or program.

The curriculum is divided into 13 modules, each with its own chapter. Some modules also have supplemental materials. All files are in Adobe Acrobat/PDF format unless noted otherwise. (Some are in Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel format.) Download the materials through the links below.
Modules and Other Materials Trainer's Manual Trainer's Resources
Introduction to the Trainer's Manual Download
1. Welcome and Introduction to the Course Download
2. Defining Quality of Services: Fundamentals of Care for Ensuring Quality in Service Delivery Download View
3. A New Approach to Supervision Download View
4. Ensuring Informed and Voluntary Decision Making Download View
5. Assuring Safety for Clinical Techniques and Procedures Download View
6. Using Data to Assure the Quality of Medical Services Download View
7. Building Leadership Skills Download View
8. Supervision and System Support for Quality Services Download
9. Building Communication Skills Download
10. Working Effectively with Staff Download View
11. Practice Supervisory Visits Download
12. Working Effectively with Staff and Developing Mentoring Skills Download
13. Developing Future Plans and Closing Activities Download
Appendixes for Trainers View
Participant Handbook Download View
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